Meet the most elegant and efficient fume hood

Empowering Researchers

Meet the most elegant and efficient fume hood

EKa fume hood has many small and distinct user-friendly features. It greatly simplifies lab users’ everyday research activities.

EKa’s thoughtful design is bound to impress you, be it a full viewing height, or super smooth sash movement. easy to access whiteboard. or a small storage shelf. These small touches make demanding research work easy and more productive.

Most User-Friendly Fume Hood




EKá provides 25% more workspace to all other contemporary fume hoods.

Truly, EKá offers you what you deserve – More Space!

Most Ergonomic Fume Hood

Eká’s ergonomic features list is very long The amazing features include well-placed valves and sockets, utility lines and a sink in the front, pressure gauges for vacuum & air and a simple notepad holder.

And by the way, Eká is silent too. We have nicknamed it ‘The Silent Hood’ as it produces incredibly low noise. You might want to check the airflow monitor to guess that it is really functioning.

A research lab is always prone to accidents. Be it a chemical splash or a fire in an overnight reaction, the fume hood must be equipped to handle these emergencies. That’s why EḰa is armed with numerous safety features.

It is fortified with a fireproof inner liner, failsafe devices for sash, a SmartSash system, built-in fire extinguishers and a static earthing arrangement.

360 Degree Protection

India’s First High Performance Fume Hood